Infographic Primary School

Design and Illustration of Signage and Infographics, representing the different syndicates (rooms with combined year groups). With the Totara Tree as metaphor a large three-panel design displays the school structure in icons and images with the use of little words.


Infographic design and drawing for Enviroschools. This is made into a poster and shows in an illustrative way the Wairarapa’s water sources and supply network.


Atuatanga is a project resulting in a range of publications, a ‘manual’, printed and digital, illustrated books, website and videos. Māori culture emerged from interactions with the atua so this resource could be used as a foundation from which to branch off into learning te reo, history or many other subjects that are important to the culture.

Tee Shirt design

Designs of Tee shirts for adults and children. I designed a dedicated kowhaiwhai to be used on the adult shirts whereas for the kid shirt I worked with a child drawing of a kiwi bird.
Both type of shirts were printed in a range of different colour combinations.

Logo, Branding, Website and Publications

Post settlement trust for a combined iwi, symbolising the unification of two entities and the character of their region: from mountains to sea. A range of publications followed for which I created the
concept & design, illustration and photography.

Illustrated Children Books

Series of twelve illustrated children books for Early Childhood and Primary education. Each published in two versions English and te reo Māori.
I took care of the Illustrations and Graphic design in a variety of styles and illustration techniques. Also a dedicated typeface design was part of the project.