One Stop Design Studio

Ideas and stuff

Design is what I do. It’s what I am trained for and what I love doing. No really, I have an overflow of ideas and enjoy this stuff. I am not a 9 to 5 worker because ideas and inspiration are not bound to office hours. And I feed myself with new ideas every day.

What is Graphic Design?

Well, I am not going to give boring and meaningless definitions of Graphic Design. If you really need one for your school essay, go to wikipedia, they’ll throw in nice words like communication, problem-solving and typography.

You probably know what it is about. You may have done attempts yourself with the hopeless Microsoft Publisher or have asked your cuzzie who always loved drawing and downloaded thousands of fonts last year. Not really satisfied? Maybe you do need an expert.

What you need to know from me is that I do it all. Tell me what you need, I’ll take care of it!

The interesting thing of Graphic Design is that there is not much that will work out of the box. It’s no science. Flash design apps and fonts are cool and helpful but won’t make it on their own, because they don’t know you and they don’t know what you want to achieve. That’s where creativity comes in and that’s why you need someone with the expertise and experience.

Why Design?

Let’s start with your brand. More than just the logo which I explain here in more detail. In fact, a brand could be your companies’ most valuable asset. Strong brands get to the point, they differentiate your products and represent your pride. Your brand is a communicator without words, the element that shows your credibility. Have I already said it: your brand might be the most valuable asset of your business.

So it is essential that you get the design of your brand right. Also because everything that follows will be based on your brand. It’s the foundation on which we build any graphic design projects. If you feel some doubt about the quality of your brand, I am more than happy to assess what’s there and suggest any improvements.


One possible scenario is that your business has moved on. Maybe your brand was developed 10 years ago and since your business has grown, moved in a different direction, developed new services, explored new markets or expanded to new demographic areas. It may be time to review and re-vamp your brand and logo.

My approach

I work with new start-up businesses as well as established organisations, commercial, non-for-profit or governmental.

For any graphic design job, big or small, I am probably going to ask questions to find out who you want to reach and what you want to achieve. What will be the purpose of the product we are designing. And is it the right product or are there better alternatives to reach your customers?

My goal is to provide engaging designs that work, that are highly visible in your community, creative ideas that inspire and drive your business in the future.

I agree, these are just nicely formulated sentences. Contact me and let’s get to work!

End-to-end processes

Design skills are cool, but usually that’s not where it stops. You need a product, either printed or digital. I have experience with many different mediums and will help you choose the right one(s). And the best thing is I offer complete solutions, end-to-end processes!

Print vs Digital

Both have their pros and cons. One word about printed materials since we nowadays tend to choose for digital solutions a tad bit too easily.

Print has some unique characteristics that digital has not and will never have. Print can be touched, it can be held in your hands, the textures can be felt. Think about it, the same brochure could be printed on hundreds of different papers, each one would result in a different feel, gloss and even sound and smell. Print stimulates all of our senses. Therefore it can add some character in a way digital cannot.

That’s why print design should still be considered, case by case as one of your most precious methods of communication.

I do not print myself since printing requires a different skillset. However I do have the knowledge and experience about the possibilities and limitations of the different materials, printing and binding methods and have built up a network of printers and manufacturers that we can select from to collaborate. Or I can naturally work together with your preferred suppliers.

During the design process I will communicate with you to make the right choices and advise of any options there are. I also will do the pre-press, supply the designs to the printer and liaise with them during the production stage.