One Stop Design Studio

Building Brands that work

We live in a world of information, an overwhelming landscape of symbols, signs, messages and pictures. How does that affect us? In a nutshell we process all this information that enters the brain by filtering out. Most will go in the basket ‘no thanks, not now’ and we only get aware of a select few bits of information that somehow appeal to us or grabs our attention.

That is where effective brand design comes in. It’s important that your brand stands out from the crowd.

What is a brand?

Also called corporate identity. A brand is the visual identity of your business or organisation. Everything that you use to expose and display yourself to the outside world.

So there is the famous logo, but that is only part of a brand. Think of the colours you use, the typefaces, maybe certain style of photography, illustrations or video and the graphic design of printed and digital publications. But also think of more subtle aspects such as your staff’s uniforms or clothing, the style of writing and how the phone is answered. It all contributes to your identity and thus reflects who you are, what you stand for and the principles you embrace.

Mikis Loves Crafting Awesome Brands

This landscape of symbols and visual messages is ever changing, so with a strong brand it’s easier to compete in your market and will help earning good business. It provides you with a tool, a skin, a face, something beyond just product and price. Your customers can now identify you with your brand and will base their decisions on your point of difference, on the special qualities of your business.

I am a brand specialist and understand how to create engaging brands for your customers. I can help create something from scratch or we can refresh and revamp a brand that needs reinvigorating.