Kia ora,
I am Mikis

graphic & website design


Graphic Design

For identity requirements I design logos and work on branding for your product or organisation. This is often related to marketing and advertising. I will assist setting up a social media work-flow for networking and focus on a consistent appearance through all different media.

Depending on your requirements, we can look at designing business cards, brochures or leaflets, signage for premises and vehicles, a digital communication package including -but not limited to- email setup, digital marketing such as e-news, web sites, web apps, facebook pages, messenger and whatsapp etc.

Website Design

This involves any digital design in which the user will interact with the content. From websites to web applications and from database development to social media design. In almost all cases it’s important the design and navigation will work across all different platforms and devices. Each screen size requires an adaptive organisation of content and sometimes a different way of navigation.

I aim for the perfect balance between visual (graphic) design and access to the content. In other words I would like to make things look good without that being too dominant. The design should help getting the message across.

Photography and Illustration

Throughout my work I have used a lot of imagery next to the typography. Photos and illustrations often complement the design. I love to make this fit the character of the design and there is no better way to achieve this than custom make the photos, graphics or illustrations to suit the design requirements.

Apart from design integration I also offer photography and illustration as stand alone services.